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vDocXML library: A library for the management of XML versions

Dic 08

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It is a pleasure for me to announce the release of a new software for the management of XML versions which is called vDocXML. Its implementation has been made by XQuery modules and it can be used to extend the XML native database (eXist) for adding versioning features in a native way. You can find more information in

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vDocXML. A data model for managing XML versions

Nov 11

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Last week, I was in Germany for a meeting in Rostock (3rd Model Meeting: Modeling biological systems. Bio-model versioning – how to identify, interpret and annotate changes in models). Besides I took advantages of this trip to visit Berlin. what wonderful cities!
My contribution consisted of giving an overview of different techniques for the management of XML versions as well as to show our versioning system which is called vDocXML (slides). If you have any questions, just let me know adding a comment.
The abstract of this talk is: In this talk an overview of different techniques for the management of XML versions will be explained. Traditional systems, temporal databases, procedures based on XML change operations (delta XML) or by integrating the different versions into a single XML document using a temporal, a version or a temporal-version technique will be revised. The main advantages and disadvantages of each one will be discussed. In the second part of this talk, the vDocXML data model will be shown which uses a versionstamp instead of a timestamp technique. It allows us to manage branched versioning in an easy way. Furthermore, the vDocXML library, which is a versioning system based on this model and using XQuery modules, will be explained.

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