Below is the lines of investigation in GIM. They are divided into projects, PhD thesis projects and institution / companies contracts.


The research projects are grouped into projects currently under investigation, and those that have been finalized.

Current Projects


vManagervManager: The use of multimedia in all its forms is increasingly present in our lives. Bringing the technology to increasingly larger sectors of the population has prompted a rare availability of multimedia in its many forms (image, video, sound, text). But this availability becomes virtually useless if we do not have tools that provide us with the location of the documents that we are interested. The field of multimedia information retrieval pursues as its basic objective the development of such tools.

This project will investigate different strategies for storing, indexing and searching documents in collections of digital video in order to pave the way for incorporating video as a kind of document to be handled by the CBIR system Qatris.

In the context of this project to circumvent the processing of audio features, as well as the printed text in the document, concentrating on documents because of videos whose content and focuses only on the image. Documents will be processed in this project are, for example video surveillance, industrial control, medical examinations and bronchoscopy, etc.

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