This section includes a list of subjects taught by members of the research group, and the list of master thesis are offered or are under implementation.


Today the members of the group GIM provide teaching in many degrees of UEx. The following links will find detailed information on specific subjects of middle and top grade imparted by the members of the research group.

  • Analysis and Design of Algorithms (AyDA): 6-credit compulsory subject (4.5 and 1.5 theoretical studies), given in the third semester (second year) of the degrees of Bachelor in "Computer Science in Software Engineering" (IIIS) and "Computer Science Engineering computer "(IIIC) in the Polytechnic School of the University of Extremadura. Matter comprises three parts, each of which develops both in terms theoretical and the practical: 1) introduce aspects of formalization on the specification of algorithms and abstract data types, 2) It is the student learn and understand the concept of time and space efficiency of an algorithm, enabling it to analyze the efficiency of algorithms, both iterative and recursive, determining the appropriate data structures for storage in main memory of different problems, and 3) are study different design schemes of algorithms (Divide and Conquer, voracious, Turning Back, Branching and pruning, and Dynamic Programming), making the student aware of various techniques of algorithm design and reason about its applicability and suitability for solving a problem, providing analytical capacity to compare alternative solutions that solve the same problem. Assignments are made throughout the semester related to algebraic specifications (Maude), with programming contests (with Mooshak) and problem statements (with slides). Full details of the subject, with numerous attachments forums and support for students are in the virtual campus of the University of Extremadura. This subject is taught by professors María Luisa Durán and Pablo García. More information,  Download
  • Databases (BD): 6-credit subject, taught in the third semester (second year) of the degrees of Bachelor in "Computer Science in Software Engineering" (IIIS) and "Computer Science Engineering computer "(IIIC) at the Polytechnic School of the University of Extremadura, by professor Miryam Salas and aided by prof. Félix Rodríguez. The basic content of this course is the study of the relational database design and modeling, labs working with Oracle and SQL. More about this subject (Spanish):  Download
  • Information Systems: Subject of 6 credits (4.5 theoretical and 1.5 practical) in the Master of Computer Science at the Escuela Politécnica. Basic knowledge of databases and programming that the student should know or at least remember to go inside in more advanced aspects from two different points of view, a low level and another application level. The concepts and techniques associated with Information Systems are introduced, also from a functional perspective, specifying in contexts such as spatial databases and GIS (Geographical Information Systems). On the other hand, more advanced integration with ERPs and search of multimedia information based on their content will be achieved. The course is taught by professor Pablo García. More information,  Download
  • Multimedia Information Systems: Course of 6 credits in the University Master Introduction to Research in Technology in their specialty Information Technology and Communications (MUIT-TINC). This subject will be things like: 1. - Multidimensional indexing, 2. - Word processing documents such as meta-media, 3. - Extraction and Feature Selection, 4. - Pattern Classification, 5. - Digital Video Processing and 6. - high performance architectures for video processing in real time. This course is taught by professors Manuel Barrena, Pablo García, Antonio Polo, Juan Carlos Díaz, María Luisa Durán y Andrés Caro. More information,  Download

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