Welcome to the website of the Media Engineering Group (GIM) at the University of Extremadura, Spain. Our research group at present includes about thirty members among faculty, teachers, staff technical, fellows and contributors from various departments within our university to develop a research of quality with a clear vocation for service to society in general.

Media Engineering Group

our intention to undertake rigorous and methodologicalThe concept media engineering, which gives title to our group, points unequivocally to our intention to undertake rigorous and methodological (engineering) research applied to digital information processed by computers, regardless of the medium in which they are represented (text, pictures, video, sounds ...).

Our main goal is the development of methods and techniques for an efficient and effective extraction of semantic content from the digital information.

This website is a constantly evolving window through which we intend to disseminate, as clearly as possible, our activities and the research results.

Please feel free to navigate it and do not hesitate in contact with us if you consider we can help you.


Los 10 eventos #MAKER & #IoT de la…


Los 10 eventos #MAKER & #IoT de la @EPCC_Unex en el 2015

Ahora que estamos empezando el 2016, está bien echar la vista atras, y es ahí cuando nos damos cuenta que han sido muchos los eventos MAKER&IoT de la Escuela Pol...

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#20añosCODDII y #700añosRamonLlull en Palma de Mallorca la Asamblea General de la @coddii_org – nov.-dic.2015

La Asamblea General de la CODDII se celebró en Palma de Mallorca el martes 1 de diciembre en la @UIBuniversitat (Universidad de las Islas Baleares). La CODDII es la ...

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SmartPoliTechENERGY – TFG de Carlos Ru…


SmartPoliTechENERGY – TFG de Carlos Rufo @soft_carlos (febrero 2016)

El miércoles 3 de febrero de 2016 Carlos Rufo presentó su Trabajo Fin de Grado (TFG) sobre SmartPoliTechENERGY. Al día siguiente se iba a Brasil para trabajar. Ya an...

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