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What is Qatris vManager?

Qatris vManager is an application to catalogue a collection of videos according to a set of taxonomies or ontologies defined by the user. In addition to typical metadata of a video (such as labels, keywords or free text description), each video is assigned a particular node in each of the taxonomies defined. Also every video in the collection can be broken in a number of shots or sections and each section can be individually annotated according the user interest. The metadata are codified in XML format by following the MPEG-7 standard.

Main screen

Catalogation screen

It is an application to store, cataloguing, visualizing and searching based on the text metadata assigned to the videos. The storage and searching of metadata relies partly on eXist-db, an open source XML native external database that provides database functionality to answer efficiently the queries on the video collection. We are currently working in a new version of vManager providing similarity search by visual content.

Configuring taxonomies

Configuring keywords

vManager main features

Qatris vManager 1.4 is a video cataloguing tool that gathers the following features:

  1. - Creation of large video collections.
  2. - Insertion and edition of video metadata by using the MPEG-7 standard.
  3. - Splitting of individual videos in a set of smaller shots.
  4. - Automatic capture of the usual video metatada (title, duration, encoding, ...).
  5. - Creation of taxonomies or ontologies defined by the user.
  6. - Creation of a term dictionary to annotate the videos.
  7. - Annotation of video by using a number of taxonomies
  8. - Annotation of video shots by selected keywords
  9. - Searching of video and video shots by using all the previous metadata
  10. - In the next future: storing COLOR, TEXTURE AND MOTION metadata and similarity searching by those pictorial metadata.


Steps for vManager installation

  1. - Execute the installer provided at this website by double clicking on: "Installer vManager-v.1.4-x32-bits.rar" or "Installer-vManager-v.1.4-x64-bits.rar". Note: very soon it will be available to the public an improved version of vManager with its help options completely translated into English.
  2. - The installer will create an executing vManager icon in your desktop. Double click on this icon to execute the application. As it is the first time vManager is executed, it will issue a warning message telling you that different collections don't exist and asking you if you want to create them. Please, answer "Yes" in all the cases.
  3. - Read carefully section "Installation" in the menu option "Help -> User's manual".
  4. - Install the eXist database according the instructions.
  5. - Start up the eXist database by executing C:/eXist/bin/startup.bat (eXist BD must be working before executing vManager because all video data are stored in format XML in the database and vManager needs to access to them).
  6. - Exit and execute again the application vManager (now that BD eXist has been started up) and you can start working.
  7. - In the menu option "Configuration -> Data base" you can check and modify vManager configuration data. For instance, in there you can change the streaming directory which you want that vManager stores all your videos in. The default streaming directory is your computer's user home directory + "/VManager/VIDEOS", but you are allow to set any other of your choice.


To add the entire University Life Video Database with its videos and metadata to vManager

If you want to upload videos and metadata from the University Life Video Database:

  1. - Download from website "" the zipped folders: "backup-vManager.rar" y "VIDEOS_UniversityLife.rar" and unzip them.
  2. - Copy videos in folder "VIDEOS_UniversityLife" to your streaming directory in order to vManager can access to them.
  3. - Select the menu option "Backup -> Restore a backup copy" and set as origin for the backup the folder containing the recent unzipped folder "backup vManager".
  4. Tell the restoration to start and that's it.


Currently we have the following vManager version for download.

{tab-version=Versión 1.4}

vManager version 1.4. It is available in both 32 and 64 bits. If you have questions about which architecture choose download and use the 32-bit version.

OS Application  


vManager 32 bits
Downloads: 0


vManager 64 bits
Downloads: 2


Use vManager with videos of University Life Video Database

If you wish you can also download the collection University Life Video Database.

Fichero Enlace
University Life Video Database part 1  Download
University Life Video Database part 2
University Life Video Database part 3
University Life Video Database part 4
backup vManager  Download

Videos are licensed under the Creative Commons.

Creative Commons



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