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What is University Life Video Database?

University Life Video Database (ULVDB) is a video collection about typical activities in a university campus. Currently the collection is composed by 332 videos with a total duration of 2h:57m.

University Life Video Database

The advance of methods and techniques for searching documents based on their content, particularly in the fields of IR ("Information Retrieval") and CBIR ("Content-Based Image Retrieval"), has made possible the development of search engines able to meet with a high level of precision the user information needs. Digital libraries provided by important publishing companies in order to facilitate the search of articles and documents to their users and also well known search engines like Google and Google Images are clear examples of this improvements.

A key point in the development of this kind of techniques and processes is the ability to evaluate in an objective and measurable way the quality of their responses. In order to to so, it is necessary to dispose with collection of documents correctly catalogued that make possible to measure the effectiveness degree of search engines and systems. Firstly IR systems and more recently CBIR systems have used standard document collections properly tagged by experts in order to evaluate new methods and systems.

Once important challenges in the text and image retrieval have been achieved, the research community has focused in the video collections and although the presence of videos in the Internet has exploded in the last years, a severe effort in the creation of video test collection conveniently catalogued it is still required in order to accurately evaluate the effectiveness of techniques and methods applied in this field. This is the main goal of the University Life Video Database (ULVDB).

To correctly catalogue the material included in the videos of the ULVDB collection, an ontology called University Life Ontology (ULO) has been created. This ontology is a hierarchical specification of places, objects and activities that are typical in the university life. Terms (in English language) used in the construction of ULO have been taken from LSCOM ("Large Scale Concept Ontology Multimedia") and eventually from the Wordnet lexical dictionary, in those cases when there exist no entry in LSCOM clearly defining the video content to be described. The use of a controlled vocabulary and the video location inside the ontology make easy the video annotation, by minimizing the ambiguity degree in the cataloguing process.


University Life Ontology

ULO is an ontology with two main nodes, "Indoor" and "Outdoor" from which a number of distinct scenes and events that are typical in a university context depart. In addition to serve as a reference for the annotation process of the ULVDB individual videos, the main goal of ULO is to catalogue in a correct and accurate way every new video added to the collection. Both ULO and ULVDB are thought to evolve and to grow as new research teams use the collection with evaluation purposes. The central theme "University Life" of the video collection has been carefully chosen because it is a very well known topic among the research community, so that it can be easily managed, by adding new videos and adapting the ontology as new topics incorporated to the video content.

An implementation of the ULO ontology is available in Protégé format  Download . The graphical aspect of the ULO is depicted in this figure:



Cataloguing and labelling ULVDB

Labelling of ULVDB videos and positioning of videos to the different nodes in the ontology ULO has been carried out by using the application QatrisvManager, which is also an application developed by GIM. This application provides a way to define taxonomies and term dictionaries by making easy the annotation and cataloguing process of the collection. Metadata assigned to videos or video takes (through vManager the user can break a video in a set of takes or sections) are stored in eXist-bd, a native XML open source database which provides a set of functionalities to make searches based on those metadata. The metadata follows the MPEG-7 standard for multimedia objects.

ULVDB is distributed under a Creative Commons license.

ULVDB and ULO have been developedinside the research project number TIN2008-03063, funded by the Spanish Government and the European Union (link).

For a more detailed description of the database can access the document:

  • Trabajo Fin de Máster, Máster Universitario en Ingeniería en Telecomunicación, Escuela Politécnica, Soledad Martín Fernández, directores: Manuel Barrena y Pablo García, "Video benchmark for the information retrieval in relation to CBVR", Septiembre 2012. Memoria


Video gallery

University Life Video Database (ULVDB) is a collection of videos with Creative Commons license cataloged under ULO ontology (  Download ) (University Life Ontology). The aim of this collection of videos is to provide useful support for the evaluation of techniques and recovery methods based video content.

ULVDB contains a total of 328 video (approximately 2 hours and 57 minutes). The duration of each video varies between at least 27 seconds and a maximum of 1 minute.


The videos are organized into different classes according to the type of content.



Use this player to watch if you want a video of each category in the ontology ULO.

{module WebplayerUniversityLife}


Here you can download the collection University Life Video Database in a file or if you wish you can also download for parties.

File Link
University Life Video Database Full  Download (This file includes ALL)
University Life Video Database part 1
University Life Video Database part 2
University Life Video Database part 3
University Life Video Database part 4


To download only the ontology ULO  Download .

This document (XLS format) contains various information about or related videos, segments, categories, scenes, etc  Download .

The video collection ULVDB is distributed under a Creative Commons license.


Creative Commons


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